Sample variation . . .

. . . no, not the lens. The photographer.

Still musing over whether to go through the hassle of sourcing an overseas copy of the Lumix S 70-300mm, all while still not 100% certain I even want to keep the CL, I searched for some sample images. Turns out someone whose images I admire greatly had posted some shots taken with the CL and the lens. They were fantastic. All of them.

Reminds me of how it was also her shots that prompted me to get the Lumix S Pro 70-200mm and teleconverter. Somehow my copy **cough, cough** never seemed to do as well as hers… Same when both of us were shooting with the Sigma 100-400mm: her shots were lively and impressive, mine dull and flat.

Not wanting to hassle with slow international “express” shipping, import tax, etc. only to find that I got another inferior copy **cough, cough** of a lens, I’ll probably pass on this one. Although a lightweight, stabilized lens would make a nice difference, the R 180mm APO-Elmarit +2X works well on the CL.

And with the 180mm/2X combo, I can at least imagine that I have a good sample . . . 😜

CL/180mm f/2.8 APO-Elmarit-R/APO-Extender-R 2X
Indonesia across the strait…and through the haze…