Shifting winds . . . again!

The SL2-S and Sigma 150-600mm, with which I managed to snag a few nice critter photos the other day—when any setup would have done as well or better—are both gone. It’ll be the last camera I’ll ever buy new from Leica, as there’s too much uncertainty regarding which Leica cameras are or aren’t covered by warranty at Leica Camera Asia Pacific, even when the item in question is bought from a local authorized dealer!

In my mind, camera makers should be like Nikon, which now issues a worldwide warranty rather than country-specific ones. Or even Sony, which offers a tourist warranty for items bought outside one’s own country. If a company makes it, they ought to service it!

The last few times I made gear changes, acquiring 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R was always one of the options under consideration, but never won out. At this moment it’s the frontrunner, as I would not only be able to use it on the CL bodies and the M10, but also adapt it to almost anything else.

If Canon had an affordable body with more than 30+ megapixels (other than the ancient EOS R), I’d grab a 100-500mm to go with it. But the R5 is overkill and still commands a crazy high price, even used. One item of interest that will get a look is Nikon’s new 100-400mm lens. Previously I had only F-mount long glass to use on Z bodies, and was let down horribly by autofocus inaccuracy.

Fuji’s 100-400mm has underwhelming specs and I haven’t seen any images from it that make it worth consideration. Sony? No. Just no. M43? Good glass, good cameras, but not in the light I have to shoot in here.

My shopkeeper friend let me in on a few things today that will undoubtedly steer me away from any upcoming L-mount products from Leica–IF there are to be any, which was also part of the story. The CL bodies work well for now, and M glass and bodies are probably the one thread of consistency in my gear journey over the past few years.

Much to be considered, and not a moment to waste doing it!

CL/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO-Extender-R 2X