Shooting shallow . . .

Contrary to what I wrote the other day, maybe there is a business that does care what I think. After reaching a frustrating dead end with the horrible customer service at TTartisan, I got a message from from a favorite shop I often do business with whenever I’m in Bangkok, Geekster, offering the 90mm L-mount at a price more in line with what the rest of the world sells the non-M mount versions for.

After picking up a copy just after noon, I put the lens straight to work. Images were much as I expected from having read reviews about the lens. Wide open, sharpest focus point and strongest contrast were a tweak apart on the focusing knurl. To be fair, the exact same condition exists on the M 75mm and R 80mm ‘luxes, probably on many other ultrafast primes as well.

The lens gets slammed by some reviewers for the fiddly way the front cap and hood are configured. But ten minutes with the lens told me why: even indoors, you don’t want to shoot it without the hood. Any stray light has an impact. Other than that, it appears to be a perfectly good lens that does exactly what I want it to do: isolate moderately distant subject matter.

To be clear, IQ is decent with good resolving power at or near MFD, but it gets really good beyond that. Assuming build quality is as it appears, the lens represents excellent value. Still can’t say I’m a fan of TTartisan the company, but they are indeed lucky to have a business like Geekster promoting their products.

SL2/TTartisan 90mm f/1.25