Short-term memory . . .

Ummm, what did I just write?

After yesterday’s brain fart about looking for images shot with a certain setup, I spent a bit more time in the archives and saw that even with the 2X extender, the RF 100-400mm grabbed some impressive details on the R7. Shot in WA, I wouldn’t have anything like that much light or open space for shooting here, let alone the number of critter friends.

But it’s good to know what it can do, especially with a second EOS body under consideration. And with nothing new from Canon in the affordable long lens department, the two DO lenses are the remaining options. Not griping at all, mind you, as they are extreme bang for the buck. It’s just a matter of which to choose.

The 100-400mm + 1.4X is close to the 600mm in FL, but I suspect that AF with the prime is a little better. The 800mm, IME, is a little better than the 600mm in the IQ department; but it’s almost as bad as carrying the RF 100-500mm with a teleconverter when it comes to moving about in the field.

And then there’s the non-existent weather-resistant option that’s also an mediium-fast prime. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

R7/RF 100-400mm