Shortcut to 135mm . . .

The 90mm Summicron-SL is light enough so as not to stress the mount of the CL, so I decided to have some fun shooting it on the same stuff I shot with the 90-280mm the other day.

Fast FF lenses don’t always transition well to APS-C format. But not only does the 90mm make a great 135mm, it’s a perfect focal length for framing things I like to shoot.

The shot is followed by an indoor shot from the 16-35mm SL taken a few days ago. It’s gotten limited use here so far, but I am so looking forward to unleashing it in Bangkok when the time comes.

Actually, anywhere other than here would be nice . . .

CL/90mm APO-Summicron-SL

SL2/16-35mm SL