Shoulda been a flag . . .

. . . the way I wave with the wind.

After reading a review of the RF 100-500mm on a legitimate review site I’ve found reliable over the past twelve years or so, I decided I’d give one a try. UNTIL . . .

. . . I headed out to the mud flat and seawall under very good light this afternoon with the R5 and 100-400mm. Compared to the photos I’ve seen from the 100-500mm (and I found a few decent ones), I can’t see that the more compact lens gives anything away to the larger lens other than 100mm more reach and twice the weight. Okay, build quality, tripod collar, included hood, pouch, etc. Oh, and a whole third of a stop of light. Whoopee.

After reading more about diffraction, and seeing that f/11 wouldn’t have too big a real world impact on R5 IQ, I’m on the fence about whether to get the RF 600mm, or just grab a 1.4X extender for the zoom. Reviewing some old photos later today should give me some guidance there.

The R5 was such a dream, bringing back all the good memories of the R6, that I found myself wishing that the 500PF could be adapted. A 3mm shorter flange focal distance on the Nikon says no. Hopefully Canon will bring those DO primes sooner rather than later!

R5/RF 100-400mm
R5/RF 100-400mm