Sigma fp L . . . again . . .

Out with the fp L during a walk cut very short by rain, I got my few shots in jpg Fine format. Images in heavy overcast weather shot at ISO 400 had beautiful color and a nice texture. Looks like this will be my standard until I have some software that supports the camera’s .dng files.

Although I shot with a third-party battery of slightly lesser capacity than the impossible-to-find BP-51, it didn’t appear to show as much drain. A longer outing, hopefully tomorrow, will tell the tale. As I have not read any complaints of battery life when using the EVF, I now wonder if I just got a lemon battery.

With a bird or two in my sights today, the large square focus “point” and unpredictable Continuous AF left me with not much confidence, but I managed to get a few good frames. If the square is like one of Nikon’s older, cheaper AF modules, the corners of the square comprise four crosshairs. Being able to confirm that at some point would inspire a bit more faith when taking aim. More experimentation is required.

For today, though, it got the bird. That’s what matters.

Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker
fp L/100-400mm DG DN