Sigma + Sigma

When Sigma first released the 100-400mm DG DN last year, I grabbed a copy and shot it on an SL601 and CL. It was great inside 7-10 meters, worsening as it went towards infinity. I eventually chalked it up to the two cameras having been released before the L-Mount Alliance began, and therefore not being forward compatible. I ditched the lens.

I’ve since read favorable reports of its performance on the SL2, and the acquisition of an fp L gave me a double reason excuse to get another copy of the lens. Single-shot AF on the fp L is accurate and fast. But the too-large focus square conspires with OIS to make Continuous AF less than 100% reliable.

For some reason, detail is noticeably finer when the image is viewed magnified through the superb EVF than when viewed on my monitor, even when using the latest version of Sigma Photo Pro. Firmware of both lens and camera have been updated as well. Hopefully that will resolve when Apple adds the fp L to its list of supported cameras.

On the SL2, the lens is spectacular, resolving details well beyond what one might expect of even a very good “consumer” zoom lens. Shooting iAF, it doesn’t miss except on rapidly approaching subject matter.

I’m glad I gave the lens another try. And all in all, the plunge into Sigma gear has proven to be a rewarding experience so far.

Sigma fp L/100-400mm DG DN