Sigma’s got it . . .

There’s no motivator like panic, even in the photo gear world. After hearing the other day of the impending “fade” of L-mount APS-C gear, I figured I’d better grab what I can of what I want. And just in case Sigma’s trio of lenses was a one-run-and-done thing, adding the 16mm and 30mm to my 56mm was at the top of my list.

But what almost always follows panic buying? Yep, the second-guessing. Did I make the right move?

If today’s outing is any indication, not only did I do the right thing; I actually made a great choice. The three lenses, in addition to exceeding all the requisite optical features of a sane choice, have a “look” that belies their modest pricing.

With Sigma leading the way, it seems that—in terms of lenses—Japan is fast becoming the new Germany.

CL/Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary