Simple pleasure . . .

Unlike last week, when the choice of which camera to head out the door with seemed at times like a choice between which had fewer ergonomic niggles, I was eager to get outdoors with the M10 and trio of lenses.

With far fewer colors than Bangkok, and with a populace that delights in obstructing the view of any foreigner trying to take a picture, my options for subject matter when shooting short are limited.

The v. 3 Summicron, which I chose because Mr. Puts had mentioned that it was the M 35mm that was closest in performance to the R 35mm v. 2, showed itself to be actually a bit sharper in the corners than its R counterpart.

The TTartisan “Summaron” appeared to be evenly sharp across the frame, though I’ll need some sunshine and colors before I can assess its tonal gradience.

All in all, going back to the relaxed, deliberate pace of shooting facilitated by the camera was quite a pleasure. Where the Harry Benz strap rests on the shoulder makes it almost weightless. Best of all, I didn’t have to interrupt myself a single time to straighten my collar!

M10/35mm Summicron-M v. 3