Slowly but slowly . . .

. . . for a change, this time.

Between the rain and the late-afternoon arrival of the APO-Extender, I didn’t get any afternoon time outdoors, just managed a few shots out the window. But it looks as though this extender may be more like the first one I had, better with the 180mm stopped down a stop, but eminently decent with the lens wide open. I’ll know how much better it is than the previous one once I can get it outdoors in bright light.

Eager to see what I can get with this combo on the SL2-S first, there’s no real hurry to bite on longer glass just yet. But I suspect that when I do, it will be the bigger Sigma. Not only does it get a muted endorsement of sorts from a photographer whose work I respect and admire greatly, but also both she and another shooter whose work I sometimes see have gotten some superb critter shots with it.

Many people are looking forward to the unveiling of the M11 next week. Me? Looking forward to them creating a nice buyer’s market as they rush to unload their M10 bodies . . .

SL2-S/90mm APO-Summicron-M
SL2-S/90mm APO-Summicron-M