Slowly but . . . slowly . . .

Critter-stalking took a slight upward turn in my new neck of the woods during today’s walk. Strangely, it was in this same place, a large, manicured garden, that I first started veering away from bug-stalking in favor of birds–well over a decade ago.

But due to a dearth of avian friends on my walks through earlier this week, I took along the RF 85mm f1.8, which goes to 1:2. I was curious to see how it matches with the RF 100-400mm, which also goes to 1:2 IIRC. As one might expect, the prime was a bit better at MFD.

I left on the 100-400mm, though, when a few feathered friends showed up. Both shots below are 100% crops. The lens, modest and lightweight, captures an astounding amount of detail.

But the critters . . . well, always a story there. The Oriental Magpie Robin appears to be miffed at being observed while bathing. But they are stern little birds anyway, so . . .

The chicks are keeping a safe distance from me while their mom pokes around my feet, occasionally peering upwards with her best down-and-out look. Interestingly, chickens have been transplanted into many of the local parks, presumably to bring some much-needed fauna. They are euphemistically referred to as “junglefowl.”

Now just imagine if Colonel Sanders had decided to use that name; KFJ, anyone?

EOS R6/RF 100-400mm
EOS R6/RF 100-400mm