Spinning . . .

Ecstatic over the results from shooting short with the SL2-S and CL in recent days, I’ve been stalling on adding anything for shooting long, especially since I have yet to shoot a bird with the 180/2X combo.

A walk to the botanic garden yesterday afternoon yielded the customary result: heading out under partly sunny skies, getting bombed with rain as soon as I set foot in the garden, and seeing the sun come out again on my way back. I did manage to determine that getting a sufficient shutter speed for shooting in slightly dim light would send the CL’s ISO to 25,000.

No luck in the search for a Japan copy of the Lumix S 70-300mm so far, and I suspect there won’t be. On top of it, prices for even secondhand copies are absurd to begin with, unthinkable with shipping and import tax added on. In practical terms, the Sigma 150-600mm, which can be obtained here for significantly less than the Lumix lens, is starting to look like a viable option.

And it would be worth hauling the weight around it if there were any birds to shoot! Meanwhile, the TL and M glass keep me very happy these days. Complacency . . . not such a bad thing sometimes! 😉

CL/18mm Elmarit-TL
CL/55-135mm APO-Vario-Elmar-TL