Spinning . . .

Out with the Noctilux on the M10-R in the morning and on the M9 in the afternoon (trying my luck with the RF on the M9) I shot mostly familiar stuff. Hell, I guess after being stuck in this place for going on two years, everything here is familiar. My hit rate with the Noct on the M9 was better than on previous attempts, probably because I went for better-lit subject matter instead of purposely making it difficult for myself.

Stopping in at one of the local Leica shops, I learned that my M would have significantly less trade-in value than at one of the independent shops. No surprise, as all the Leica reps here wanna do is sell/take in $$$. No trade, no service for “little people,” and definitely no refunds. Fortunately the independent shops also get their hands on new Leica gear and sell at modestly discounted prices, too. Guess who’s gonna get my business?

I did get to fondle an SL2-S, the additional weight over an M camera not being an issue as long as I shoot M lenses on it. The monstrous weight of the SL lenses is something I have no desire to bear these days. With M gear, I can head out the door with three or four lenses in my bag and never feel the weight.

I sense another minor gear upheaval in the making . . .

M10-R/50mm f/1 Noctilux-M
M9/50mm f/1 Noctilux-M