Splitting pixels . . .

Getting reacquainted with TL glass has been a lot of fun so far. It’s amazing how close the lenses are in quality to the much-vaunted M lenses. In fact, the 35mm and 60mm are both sharper than quite a few M lenses with color rendering every bit as good.

An online discussion forum was recently hashing out the differences between the 18mm Elmarit and the wide end of the 18-56mm, wondering why the prime was necessary. I’ll admit my previous copy of the 18mm a few years ago caused me to wonder the same thing.

I shot my current copies of both lenses side by side today and could see—at 200% magnification—some slight advantage going to the prime. But the fact remains that there’s nothing whatsoever to complain about in either lens.

My only quibble with any of these lenses has to do with my ability to handle it, not with its optics or other characteristics. The 55-135mm, when shot at the long end, is more consistently sharp on the SL2-S, which has IBIS. On the CL, I need to make sure I have a fairly high shutter speed, as the combo has almost no inertia to keep it still.

Five in the arsenal, at least one to go. And probably the other before I’m done. They’re all good.

CL/18mm Elmarit-TL
CL/55-135mm TL