Stepping off the treadmill . . .

Since the age of digital photography began, there’s been a steady stream of advancements in gear capabilities until the past couple of years. The pace has slowed a bit. Always looking for something upcoming that might be better than the last thing, I’ve been a willing foil: sixty-something different camera models in the last twelve years.

Much recent speculation has focused on Leica’s presumed upcoming M11. Of course I follow the rumors and discussion sites about it. But I already know I won’t be “upgrading” if and when it comes. Why? Because any change from the M10-R that I can possibly think of won’t make it more desirable to me than the M10-R.

Sure, the rumored new EVF might have me reaching for my wallet, but only because I can’t focus as accurately as I’d like with the present one. The new camera? Nahhhh.

Speaking of EVF, I’ve been using the Visoflex 020 quite a bit while shooting cityscapes with 18mm and 24mm, so I can use perspective control. And I miss critically accurate focus regularly, much to my chagrin. OTOH, out with a few lenses this afternoon to get back into RF focusing, not only did I nail every shot; I was more certain I had it right as I was pressing the shutter button.

Maybe there are some things, after all, that modern tech can’t supplant . . .

M10-R/35mm Summilux FLE
M10-R/90mm Summicron APO ASPH