Steps and missteps . . .

Early on in my rambles here, I mentioned having tried switching from Mac to the over-hyped ipad pro 2018 for processing my images. After a year and a half of frustration, I switched back to Mac for processing. Recently I decided the M1 ipad pro might be worth trying again.

After what I thought was thinking through the pluses and minuses very carefully, I dove in, armed with an assemblage of apps that I hoped would cover all the bases. While it looks like it’ll stick this time, not everything I’ve learned has been positive.

Take the other day, for instance, when Canon posted a firmware update for the R5. Pretty quickly it dawned on me that an ipad can’t open a .dmg file. Thankfully, this time it’s an update that’s not really necessary.

Canon’s app for the ipad, DPP Express, has gotten lambasted in reviews for being a subscription app for full function. But the fee is nominal, and since it’s absolutely necessary for lens profiles that correct things like the RF 100-400mm’s very visible CA on backlit subjects, I subscribed.

Now I find that it can’t display the enhancements of the R5’s HDR PQ images, which both the ipad pro and the (free) Mac version of DPP can do! It won’t hand off to Affinity, either. Ok, ok, no biggie.

The a7 IV has not yet been added to the IOS list of supported cameras, so raw files won’t display in Photos. Thumbnails have to be batch-converted by Raw Power, which actually renders them beautifully as well.

Why not go the Lightroom/Photoshop route, you ask? Well, after Adobe refused to update their 32-bit installer for the standalone versions of those (which I’d bought less than two years earlier), it was the last straw for me with Adobe.

Capture One, with their “own your software” approach reeled me right in, after which they promptly introduced a subscription option to go along with their prohibitively expensive “upgrade” path, one or the other of which was necessary if one wanted to be able to use it with the latest cameras. That software got wiped when I gave my Mac away.

The intention of the foregoing is not to whine, but rather to insist that, in spite of a few niggles along the way, the M1 ipad pro and apps are well capable—one way or another—of giving me the results I want. And there are advantages as well, like when I connect the CFExpress reader and transer a large batch of raw files almost instantly.

Yeah, I think maybe a few more curves ahead, but the peak has been ascended and the downhill side looks promising.

And, same as with another set of choices, no U-turn this time.

R5/RF 100-400mm