Still rumbling . . .

. . . far from settled down with the current gear. Out in good light with the a9 II, 200-600mm G, and 1.4X, I quickly realized that, after all, there’s no compromised performance at all in the EVF. Once again, it’s the issue of the 100-400mm GM with a teleconverter. Having had at least some extremely sharp shots with either teleconverter, I’d tend to suspect stabilization is the issue. The a9 II gives a stable finder with the 200-600mm combo, and a slightly unsteady one with the GM combo.

Add to that a fact of which I was well aware before choosing this path, the heavy zoom with 1.4X gives 840mm at f/9 while the 100-400mm GM with 2X is 800mm at f/11. Still, it was chosen as a practical lens for incidental birding during travel. For a dedicated birding jaunt, the 200-600mm would surely make the trip.

The 100-400mm GM will get another try on a day when there’s good light, and I’m hopeful it’ll look substantially better. But next outing in decent light will likely be the R7/RF 100-400mm combo, for the sake of perspective in comparison.

Knowing that the performance of a lens can vary depending on the camera it’s used with, I haven’t yet ruled out another RF 100-500mm to be tried on the R7. I’d have done it already if the lens had a price more in line with its build quality and performance. The EF 100-400mm IS II, which can also be used on Sony, and which is currently dirt cheap on the secondhand market, might have gotten a nod but for the fact that the R7 would likely max out its resolution, making a 1.4X extender less than useful.

Having gone back and forth with the megapixels vs millimeters issue over the years, and with two low-megapixel bodies at the moment, the R7’s relative reach capability is looking more enticing, especially after the slow aperture tests I did last week. If only the RF 100-400mm could provide the same contrast detail on the R7 as the pricier options, there’d be nothing to solve. But in any kind of mid-to-low light situation, details get lost in noise.

At least the camera choices are all satisfactory . . . for now!

a9 II/200-600mm G/1.4X