Stuck . . .

Out with the Z fc and 500mm PF this morning, the camera was slow to wake and slow to focus, costing me several shots with interesting critter friends. Its accuracy—once it settles on the subject—is what’s kept me patient so far.

The only two crop sensor Nikons I’ve used that focused accurately were the D90 and D3400, both of which are long discontinued. But there is one body on its way out that has the same Multi-Cam 1000 AF module the other two had: D3500. No luck for me, though, as the last ones are sold up locally.

Sure, I can get one from overseas. But would it be a repacked or refurbished copy? They’re available on the s/h market here, but buying a used entry-level camera body in these parts is like gambling in a casino—good fortune is rare.

So now it comes to a choice: take a risk, continue to struggle with the Z fc, or ditch Nikon altogether. The latter is not appealing at all because the lens is so good. I know I’d kick myself later.

Blackjack, anyone?

Z fc/500mm PF
Z fc/500mm PF