Subtle nudges . . .

Before choosing an M10, I considered the benefits and updated feature set of the M11—briefly. Much as I like things like perspective control, the ability to shoot raw files at different file sizes, etc., they were more than offset by my distaste for the Sony sensor, which I’d previously struggled with in the a7r IV and the Sigma fp L.

Now, seeing the reduced size of the image on the Visoflex 2 makes me wonder if Leica made it small on purpose. If so, it didn’t work with me. It’s still a better form factor than the 020, and I doubt the case will crack down the road the way the 020’s did on many copies.

After all the criticism of shutter lag when the 020 was used, one would think Leica would address that with the Visoflex 2, but on the M10 it’s, if anything, even laggier. No real issue, though, as one can always fall back on the rangefinder, which is easier to use on the M10 than on some other rangefinder options I’ve tried.

Bottom line, for me, is that the sensor and lenses have made me well satisfied with the dimensional look I get in my images, something I never got with Canikonympusonic, not shooting short anyway. Count me in good space at the moment.

M10/35mm Summicron-M v. 3