Surviving short . . .

Three months ago if someone had told me I’d be able to shoot happily for a couple of weeks with nothing longer than 75mm, I’d have thought they were crazy. Fact is, I have been looking fairly diligently for a fast 135mm or something similar. But with a 75mm that can be cropped fairly heavily with no loss of IQ, there’s been no sweat lost.

Seeing a Sigma 135mm f/1.8 in real life rather than online for the first time the other day, the huge diameter was a bit surprising. Stopping at a familiar shop to investigate a couple of possibilities this afternoon, a 135mm Elmarit-R being offered turned out to be non-existent. A 135mm Tele-Elmar looked nice and was priced attractively, but had focus slop, a frequent condition with this lens, most copies of which are now well over forty years old.

One shop does have a “new” (depending on how one defines a lens that’s never been purchased but which has likely been demoed to death) copy of the 55-135mm TL, but the price is on the absurd side, far too much of an investment for an APS-C lens.

The most likely option at this point is one that’ll get checked out on my return to the ant farm later this week. Until then, well, the 28mm, 75mm, and TL lenses have been serving me well. Very well.

SL2/28mm Summicron-SL