Sweating . . .

A visit to Canon’s service center this morning was more than a bit unnerving. In addition to the lens, I brought along the R5 and an SD card containing a long series of misfocused close-range shots of an Olive-Winged Bulbul.

The customer service rep asked me to wait while she brought the lens behind closed doors to the technician. After about fifteen minutes, both came out again. The technician told me that he had found nothing wrong with the lens. I asked if he’d looked at the photos. He replied that he had, and that they were all in focus!

Well, of course part of each shot is in focus! But it turns out he hadn’t bothered to switch on the “show focus point” option in DPP!! Not one of the shots is accurately focused where the focus point is! Further conversation revealed that the customer service rep hadn’t passed along my account of the focus point being off-center.

He then decided to take the lens in “for further testing,” indicating I’d have it back in about a week. After the first part of the conversation, I now fully expect lens and camera will sit idle on a shelf with no further action, then returned to me with some bullshit about something having been “calibrated.”

Pessimistic, you say?


I went through damn near the same thing with a D90 and 300mm f/4 IS USM not more than two years ago. After two weeks spent at Canon, lens and camera were returned and performed at the same hideously unacceptable level. Both got trundled off at a substantial loss.

One might expect that with end-of-the-line products. But not with Canon’s latest and (supposedly) best.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. I hope so. But today’s experience was anything but reassuring . . .

D7500/500mm PF
D7500/500mm PF