We live in times when people see images or words that conjure the notion of an intent, too often negative, and ascribe that intent to the originator of the images or words without having any idea what the originator was really thinking. That notion of intent, then, exists only in the mind of the viewer.

I do it, too; though usually over more whimsical subject matter. The photo below is an example. I passed by one of the local Leica shops this morning and couldn’t resist taking a shot of the “White” Edition M10-P in its presentation case.

Rangefinder and manual focus lens in a casket and ready for burial,” I chuckled to myself as I walked away clutching my SL2 and 50 ‘lux SL.

Somehow I believe Leica has an entirely different notion of intent in mind…

SL2/Summilux-SL 50mm ASPH