That bad taste in my mouth . . .

. . . came back this afternoon.

First of all, the RF 100-500mm, D7500, and 55-135mm TL are all gone. The only zoom lens that ever gave me more fits than the Canon was a Nikon 80-400mm VR, second version, relevant right now.

ALERT: This one may get long and windy . . .

Stopping in a few of the shops to check price on the Nikon Z 100-400mm, no one had stock. Two different dealers told me that Nikon had no production issues with the lens but was shipping to dealers here by pre-order only (purposely limiting stock to keep both demand and price high). That brought back a sour memory or two from a few years ago.

As a top tier Nikon Professional Services member at the time, I had read that Nikon USA had managed to find copies of the 500mm PF lens, in extreme short supply then, for some of their NPS members. So off I went to Nikon Singapore, where someone recommended that I put my name on a dealer’s wait list…….and wait. Within the next few months I’d ditched ALL of my Nikon gear.

The 80-400mm VR? Oh, yeah, that was another issue. My copy was horribly soft at the long end with a wobbly zoom extension. I took it to Nikon Singapore, where someone fixed much of the wobble in just a few minutes. Softness? “It’s performing to specification.”

Same thing with a 300mm f/2.8 VR II lens eight years ago: soft, but “performing to specification.”

I’m glad my dealer friends told me what’s up with the new Z lens. It has stopped me cold in my tracks—once again—from further consideration of the 100-400mm. If I get burned out with the 500mm PF and Z fc, or if something more interesting comes along, I’ll be quick to ditch the brand completely.

Sure, it’s not the best of times for photography gear manufacturers. But I can name two who are biting the hands of those who feed them—and from whom I won’t make another purchase. Think N and L.

Hey, Canon and Sony, you’re looking pretty good about now . . . by default! 😜

R5/RF 100-400mm