That didn’t take long . . .

With yet another third-party lens manufacturer having said that they won’t be making any RF lenses, it made me wonder how practical it would be to hang on to so much Canon gear when my Sony/Sigma stuff outshoots it short, and there’s no chance of any long third-party glass. To make a long story short, the R5 and several of the “meh” short lenses have been trundled off already.

For chasing critters, the R7 gives me exactly what I was getting out of the R5 except for the 70mp raw files. It pairs well with the RF 100-400mm, and eye AF is spectacular. The R10 makes a nice backup in the event I ever need to travel with a lightweight APS-C kit.

While the RF lenses have superb optics, with the exception of the 16mm “fisheye,” the Sony/Sigma combinations are just as good and more pleasing to my eye. Most importantly, with Sony I have a zillion third-party options, not just for mainstream lenses, but also for shooting long.

What to get as a second Sony body? I’ve long lusted after an a9II for its magnificent electronic shutter, but could be swayed to another option. Time will tell. For now, though, I just hope that the folks at Canon one day learn that a gentle ray of sunshine will always overpower a strong gust of wind.

R7/EF 200mm f2.8/EF 2X