That time of year . . .

. . . when the rain slows me down appears to have arrived. Sometimes, as with today, it’s not entirely the rain that stops me; it’s the dusk-like darkness that accompanies it. Rain alone stops me only when it’s pouring. Otherwise, it’s just the alternative to sweat; anyone who lingers outdoors here for more than an hour won’t stay dry.

Getting far enough to hear my crake friend in the distance, I couldn’t spot him. The only friend who sat for me today was my Changeable Hawk-Eagle pal (first shot below), who was also entertaining a similarly-clad guest at the time (not pictured here).

The second shot below is from yesterday, a long-time friend, Mr. Oriental Dollarbird, who regularly perches in a bare treetop near the start of my walk. Just another critter who appears to be mostly black against the backlight, good light shows his understated colors; and the underside of his wings in flight reveals the source of his name.

Seems as though the change of season, if one can call it that, means that the M10-R will start seeing some indoor work from time to time . . .

7D II/100-400mm IS II/EF 1.4X III
7D II/100-400mm IS II/EF 1.4X III