That wasn’t it . . .

The setting that I babbled about having tweaked yesterday might have worked fine on a distant, static target, but in foliage, no dice. I recall thinking that foliage was the Achilles heel of the R6’s fantastic AF system. It’s damn near a death knell for the otherwise capable R5.

Not only was eye AF not finding eyes on some critters today, it was either ignoring eyes while focusing on something else, or misfocusing on eyes. To be fair, AF is still pretty incredible on other stuff, especially when I hold up my end of the deal with competent technique. Still, I’d surely capture some of these critters in foliage shots with a manual focus lens.

Note to self: lower expectations. Be happy.

R5/RF 100-400mm/RF 1.4X
R5/RF 100-400mm/RF 2X