The dark horse . . .

With a steady rain falling (again) as I headed out for a wet walk, I figured maybe a few flower shots would be the best I could do. So I took the SL2 and Lumix S 70-300mm.

As it turned out a short while later, both my Brown-Throated Sunbird and Olive-Winged Bulbul friends had plenty of time to sit for me at close enough range for the Lumix. Not only did the lens work harmoniously with the SL2, giving me the colors I like, but contrast was nice, giving excellent feather details for a moderate zoom.

One wonders what Panasonic might come up with if they ever decide to go longer than 300mm with L-mount. Well, a clue would be the superb Panleica 100-400mm m43 lens, limited only by the pixel noise of the format for which it was designed.

For this wet day, though, 300mm did the job . . . commendably.

SL2/Lumix S 70-300mm