The drought continues . . .

No, not for rain . . . another half inch this afternoon pushed me under shelter for a wasted hour. In this case, it’s a drought for birds during this migration season.

A walk along the seawall before the downpour turned up but one plover (below) and two sandpipers. And nought but four egrets in the mud flat. The strong smell of kerosene from tankers, cargo ships, industrial venues, etc. along the strait may be enough to put them off from landing. It sure caused me not to linger.

After the rain, I ran across a very angry Black-Naped Oriole (second shot below) whose disheveled appearance and sour attitude made me laugh out loud. Who says critters have no vanity?

The D7500 was spotty with BIF, with no AF field setting giving better than 50% hits. The stabilization setting for panning with the lens didn’t help matters, either. Oh, well, that’s what the Canon stuff is for. Got gear, now just gimme the birds!

D7500/500mm PF
D7500/500mm PF