The flip side . . .

Some time back on these pages I think I crowed about the RF 85mm f1.2 being sharper wide open than the 90mm Summicron-M is at f/2. Yep, it is.

That bit of minutiiae has been illustrated at least four or five times since then, the extent of my use of the lens. In addition to being sharper, when deployed it’s also about 800 grams heavier than the ‘cron, which is itself no lightweight.

Okay, so it was acquired during a time when travel was not a consideration. And before I came to realize my present aversion to lugging around heavy glass. Worse, it was acquired before I saw what the EF 135mm f/2 can do. And for when 135mm is a bit too long, I usually reach for the RF 85mm f/2, which is no slouch. And for low light, an adapter is on the way to replace the one I lost for shooting the Voigtlander 75mm f/1.5 on the R5.

Seems almost as though time spent considering all the liabilities and benefits of any gear choice is wasted when everything changes in the long run. Frequent gear changes used to be fun, with an element of excitement about trying something new. Now, it seems a bit more tedious, yet another admission of a choice made perhaps without sufficient foresight.

The thing is . . . I almost never have a chance to shoot portraits . . .

R5/RF 16mm f2.8