The grass is greener . . .

. . . ad infinitum.

Focus peaking overkill on the M10-R continues to diminish my focusing accuracy on some shots, to the point that I’ve started using zone focusing—especially with wider lenses—on shots where the cues maximize for more than a couple of millimeters of focus throw. Looking around online, I know I’m far from the only person with this complaint.

It appears as though finding the correct viewfinder diopter and working with the rangefinder may be the best option, at least until or unless Leica gives a firmware update that addresses the issue. My biggest hope with that option is that my lenses are calibrated correctly. The Visoflex will stay in the bag for the 18mm, 24mm (often shot at infinity anyway) and 135mm, and for CI shots.

An added benefit of overcoming the rangefinder hurdle would be that I’d be able to add a film M to the arsenal. In fact, that’s the carrot dangling in front of this old donkey at the moment.

And if the grass turns out to be not so green on that side after all? Hmmm…didn’t you know that the hill for photography has more than two sides? 😉

M10-R/135mm APO-Telyt-M