The honeymoon is over . . .

Two hours and fifteen minutes powered “on” into a longish walk this morning, and I had my first good opportunity for a bird photo. The fp L, which had shown about a 20% bar of power a few minutes earlier, was dead as a doornail. I had thirty-five shots on the card, all taken in crop mode.

Yeah, I know I said the short battery life wouldn’t be an issue for me. But when I miss a critter shot due to too-fast battery drain, it quickly becomes an issue.

I’ve not yet seen any similar complaints on the internet. But neither have I seen anything other than the pre-release reviews. I wonder if people are even buying the camera.

I keep reminding myself that its purpose is to serve as a lightweight, full-frame backup to my SL2. It’ll probably get one more test outing to see how FF jpegs look, after which it will have a long slumber in the back of the dry cabinet until Leica brings something new to the market that’s light and weather-resistant.

John Donne wrote that love’s “first minute, after noon, is night.” Unless there’s some fast, unanticipated redemption on the way, the same holds true for cameras.

Sigma fp L/100-400mm DG DN