The impractical lens . . .

After stating repeatedly on these pages that the RF 800mm f11 lens is impractical for use here in the ant farm, I watched a Wegener video in which he reviewed the lens. For some reason, it almost looked small in use, to the point that I felt sheepish for having carped about it.

Maybe it was because I previously used it with the hood? Dunno, but will find out either Friday or Monday, when the hood for the current copy is scheduled to arrive. Or possibly it was the way I strapped it, from the tripod socket of the lens, which I don’t do now.

Whatever the case, it was good to have the reach and an extender in the bag this afternoon when some of my skittish Blue-Throated Bee Eater friends started dive-bombing for pond food. More sun tomorrow and it’ll probably get an outing on the R7. Ummm . . . to test the practicality, of course!

R6 II/RF 800mm f11/RF 1.4X