The look . . .

Out in the morning with the CL and 350mm Telyt-R, the results showed the lens to be contrastier and capable of a smidgen more detail at f/5.6 than the 180mm APO/2X combo at f/8. To be fair, the first iteration of the 180mm wasn’t designed to be paired with the 2X; and by itself it’s without peer at that focal length.

Reviewing yesterday’s shots and realizing I’d cropped out a nice part of an image so that I could get a “bigger” bird, it occurred to me that this might be the right lens for making critter shots a bit more environmental instead of always going for feather details.

Whatever the case, it has the color and tonal gradience that makes Mandler glass so distinctive. The real bonus is how well it takes the 2X, although the monopod will have to be put to work for practical critter-chasing. According to one source, with a modified shroud the lens can also take the 1.4X, although I’d have to see some results before I’d attempt that.

Anyway, at least there’s something exciting to push me out the door each day . . .

CL/350mm Telyt-R
CL/350mm Telyt-R