The new addiction . . .

Nine kilometers on foot this afternoon under a mix of (little) sunshine and (a LOT of) rain didn’t yield a decent critter pic. The seawall was mostly flooded and far too windy for my tiny plover friends. But even crappy weather couldn’t dampen how the 350mm Telyt-R “sees” whatever I point it towards.

When I first started shooting with and reading about R glass, probably some thirteen or fourteen years ago, the late Mr. Puts was my guru. His assessment of the 280mm f/4 APO lens coupled with some bird shots made by another known proponent of the lens made it a “holy grail” lens for me before I ever managed to try more than one of Dr. Mandler’s long tele designs, a first-version 250mm Telyt-R. It was too heavy, too short, and had a lot of purple fringing wide open in the periphery.

After owning at one time or another and shooting quite a bit with more than twenty different R lenses, I’ve come to realize that different reviewers place different values on various lens characteristics. As such, I’m disappointed in myself that I never got around to trying the 350mm until now. For what I like in a lens, it’s every bit as good as the 280mm f4 APO, although I can see why people prefer the APO lens.

Looks like version 2 of the 250mm Telyt-R may be next in my sights. Considerably lighter, and supposedly just a shorter version of the 350mm, it could pair nicely with the APO 2X without weighing a ton.

For the moment, though, the 350mm has my enthusiasm level up again. Ergonomics with the CL are great, and it is a very bright lens, good for shooting on APS-C.

Just gotta watch out for those sudden showers, though . . .

CL/350mm Telyt-R
CL/350mm Telyt-R