The One

Although I’m sure there are some niggles yet to be uncovered, the D7500 seems to pair really well with the 500mm PF. The jury’s still out on whether it’s a walkaround or a “go somewhere and sit” lens, but for the moment it’s carryable for five miles without much grumbling.

What made it seem a little heavy today was probably the fact that in recent days I’ve been moving about very comfortably with both the Canon and the CL/Sigma setups, both of which are well under 2kg. Fact is, even though the D7500 is a good bit heavier than the Z fc, the Smallrig grip and FTZ adapter bring the weight of the latter setup to within three ounces of the D7500/500mm PF, both in the neighborhood of 2.2kg.

The very positive takeaway? Several very good options for chasing critters, mostly dependent on whether it’s dedicated bird-chasing or general critter-stalking.

No complaints here . . .

D7500/500mm PF