The “subsidiary partner” . . .

Still in a quandary about a backup L-mount body, I stepped into Leica’s local flagship store late this afternoon. Just as I was asking a salesman if the store still stocks the CL and TL2, I spied a CL body directly behind him.

He didn’t know what a CL is!

He called over his colleague, who pointed out the CL, but appeared to have no idea what a TL2 is. I reckon if I’d asked for logo cufflinks or a Leica watch, I’d have gotten a more knowledgeable response. The CL, in case you’re interested, was being offered at full retail price.

With the local festive season hitting full swing immediately following Christmas, there won’t be many bargains to be had for the next month or so. Even after shipping and import tax costs. overseas gear looks a bit more attractive.

Seeing that there is in fact an aftermarket battery for the T series stoked my interest a bit in the TL2. Battery age had been a concern, whereas the CL shares its battery, easily found cheap, with many other devices.

First task with a TL2, though, would be to find a Visoflex. Being dominantly left-eyed, I much prefer a viewfinder that’s centered over the lens mount, as opposed to the offset one on the CL. The best thing about the TL2, though, is that it can be had new for a fair amount less than what a secondhand CL goes for!

Either way, I’m probably crazy for pursuing a nearly six-year-old camera with such fervor. But, hey, what else is there? Can’t take pictures with an analog watch!

UPDATE: A silver TL2 it will be . . .

SL2/75mm Summicron-SL