The veil of tiers . . .

The big photo gear manufacturers seem to obligate themselves to churn out products for every level of experience and, supposedly, quality level. The funny thing is that since the downturn of the market began a few years ago, some aspects of entry-level/consumer gear has seemed to surpass some of the higher level stuff from years past.

And, as I’ve been learning over the past couple of weeks, sometimes there’s not enough difference to quibble about among current offerings. After spending time shooting both targets and critters with some of the RF telephoto options, it looks as though—while prices are wildly divergent and features vary—the optics of all of them are more or less on the same level.

There’s an urge to point a finger at Canon for putting such a high price point on the RF 100-500mm, which has some new design tech that appears not to work to a level that aligns with its price. Rather than be vexed, I’ll just ditch it—and be very happy instead for that “entry-level” 100-400mm zoom and those “slow” DO supertelephotos that make such superb images and, with their individual limiting factors, are optically just as good as that overhyped “L” zoom.

So Canon may stay hush-hush about how good some of their “consumer” lenses are, but at least they bring ’em to the market!

R5/RF 600mm f11