This & That

With sun blazing and humidity high again, it seemed a good time to give RF focusing with the 135mm APO-Telyt one more try. With pollution and shimmer affecting both contrast and visibility of fine details, I managed about ten percent critical accuracy.

The good news is that focus on all shots was at least “in the ballpark,” which means that the inaccuracy is far more likely on me than due to any lens issue. Even better news is that the MS Optics viewfinder magnifier is finally on its way to me.

With—and only with—a substantial discount code, I grudgingly upgraded to C1 21, also only after reading that Leica had pressed them to address a particular issue with rendering for the M10-R’s raw files. Although I am loath to pay for another “perpetual” license that’ll be an “older version” in a few months, I have to admit that the raw files now look a lot better than in C1 20 or ON1. Hopefully Raw Power will add support for the M10-R by the time the C1 21 carriage turns to a pumpkin.

One correction—sort of—from yesterday’s post, which mentioned that 6-bit coding can be done locally by Leica. After chatting with a Leica CSR today, I’m not so sure about that, as neither was he. He mentioned something about having to order something from Germany, with a “4-8 weeks, subject to availability” disclaimer, the kind of “if” that sends people like me scurrying in the opposite direction, knowing what “4-8 weeks” means in local terms: something like “the twelfth of Never.”

Four to eight days without my 75mm ‘lux would seem like an eternity . . .

M10-R/18mm Super-Elmar-M