This & that . . .

This: Out in the morning try the M10 on some favorite subject matter, I had a good opportunity to see what the Voigtlander 50mm f/1.5 Nokton II can do. In short, as I’m not really a 50mm shooter, it will surely fill the bill nicely whenever I do happen to need that focal length.

Now the 75mm f/1.5 has caught my eye, as its background texture in some shots I’ve seen resembles that of the 80mm Summilux-R. With R glass not getting any younger, chances of getting a bad copy increase with time. If I can do the same thing with the Voigtlander option, why not? One obstacle, though: I’m crazy about my 75mm APO-Summicron.

That: On the matter of chances of a bad copy, last weekend when I had trundled some stuff to a dealer to sell off, he found some light haze in between the fresnel elements on the Nikon 300mm PF. That would surely explain its utter lack of contrast with the 2X, and generally subpar performance compared to other copies I’ve owned.

Trouble is, it can’t be cleaned. So what looked like a good impulse buy has turned into a substantial loss. Fungus and haze are real issues in this part of the world, especially for folks who live in non-air conditioned flats and don’t store their gear in electronic dry cabinets. To be fair, I doubt the person I bought the lens from realized it had haze any more than I did.

Bottom line: live, learn, and acquire only from known sources in the future . . .

M10/50mm f/1.5 Nokton II