This & that . . .

Out with the Z fc and 500mm PF this morning, back in postage-stamp land, the little camera’s single point AF was again impressive, same as with the CL, but with a better AF system. Next up, to shoot the camera again with the D7500, with an idea towards paring down the clutter a bit. Tough choice.

After viewing some sample raw files of the R7, I’m a bit less enthusiastic about grabbing one on launch day here. Fortunately, the sensor is most definitely not the same as was used in the 90D. But a couple of the uncooked files looked to have about as much noise as m43 cameras. Canon DPP and C1 don’t yet work with R7 files, but Topaz Denoise and Affinity do.

After a run through Topaz, all of the files looked okay, even the ones at ISO6400, but didn’t show as much detail as the RF 100-500mm, the lens used in the files, can capture. So maybe a wait until Canon’s software can handle the files so I can see what the proprietary cooked files look like. High hopes, as Canon’s 2nd generation of mirrorless bodies both produce good-looking, workable files.

But . . . a lingering question . . . a few things have to go to make room for the R7 and a few recent acquisitions. But what? The only thing I can figure at the moment is the loser in the 500mm PF test. No, not the lens!

Around midday the Lumix S 70-300mm arrived, and I headed out the door with it in the afternoon. One outing doesn’t tell everything about a piece of gear. But one thing is already certain: The TL 55-135mm has lost its job.

Z fc/500mm PF