This & That

Out this morning with the CL and the 135mm APO-Telyt-M, curious to see if it could outshine the excellent TL 55-135mm, and I found that it does, but only by as much as a prime would typically outdo a zoom. As I’m not eager to dip back into TL glass with the mount appearing to have been abandoned by its maker, I was happy.

When it comes to putting long glass on an M, I must be insane, trying over and over, getting the same mediocre results, and not being discouraged in the least. I set out with the M10-R, 2X, and 180mm APO-Elmarit in bright sunlight, hoping to see some great results.

By the time I got to a favorite vantage point, the sky was clouding over. No problem, I headed to the park, in hopes of spotting a critter or two. About the time I got there, the bottom fell out.

The few shots I got looked no better than the 180mm APO-Telyt shots with the M looked. Peaking overkill makes critically accurate focusing with this camera difficult with R lenses. Too bad Leica didn’t see fit to include high and low settings as they do on L-mount cameras.

Yes, you guessed right: tomorrow . . .

CL/135mm APO-Telyt-M