Tightening up…

Some years back I had a copy of the Zeiss 2/135 APO Sonnar, capable of spectacularly sharp images—if one could focus it. It was noted in a couple of review websites that the lens had millimeter or two of slop in the focus ring when changing directions. My copy had the affliction.

The 2/135 Milvus has no such issue, nor does any other Milvus lens I’ve used. Manual focus is as precise as R glass, with equally appropriate resistance and throw for the different focal lengths/purposes.

Seems like somewhere around 2015 or 2016, manufacturers started offering options that were better both optically and mechanically. I guess when images taken with handphones started to look better than ones taken with those all-plastic entry level DSLR lenses, something had to change.

Still, some folks complain about the weight of the no-compromise lenses. Can’t have it all, folks. Sure, 1.1kg does strike me as a bit heavy for a fast 35, which is what a few of them are weighing in at these days. But with tighter tolerances and better IQ, what’s a few extra ounces?

Z7/Milvus 2/135