To L and back . . .

One reason SL lenses were found to be too heavy for travel last time I owned a bunch was because first priority was whatever long telephoto I was using for travel at the time. At times, that alone could have taken up 2.5 kilograms or more in the bag. As I own no long glass heavier than 900 grams at the moment, yesterday’s plea for “just one” is not unreasonable.

Corollary to this is that yesterday I shot some portraits with the 60mm TL, 23mm TL, and 50mm Summilux-M II. The difference in sharpness between the TL lenses and the Summilux was expected, but not to the degree that it occurred. On top of it. the TL glass had a “look” I like.

Even before any changes were made, I was starting to wonder what I’ll do with the M10, as the M glass will likely be cleared soon. Having been burned on a couple of M lenses recently that turned out to have slight haze, and with my “newest” M lens at a ripe age of 36 years, switching to younger glass seems to be almost a necessity (see justification).

My “just one” turned out to be a 75mm Summicron-SL, with which I shot on the run today, with hopefully some quality time coming tomorrow. I couldn’t resist trying the 50mm Summilux-SL, a monstrous beast, but fortunately didn’t find its draw in the test shots very appealing. Still, the finally tally may eventually turn out to be “just two.” It’s really a matter of what’s available and accessible at the moment.

The M10? Waiting to hear what Panasonic has to say next week. If it turns out to be the high-end S5 II that’s being predicted, waiting for the Leica version might be worth it. If not . . . “just three”????

SL2/75mm Summicron-SL