Tradeoffs . . .

In photography, on multiple levels, anytime one adds something, one also takes away something in the process. In the case of the R7, it’s adding relative reach at the loss of noise control. For the most part, it’s worth it so far.

With good light heading out the door, I reached for the RF 100-400mm again. But by the time I got to my shooting destination, about fifteen minutes later, doom and gloom had set in. As it turned out, the weak link in the setup was NOT the camera.

In moderate canopy light, what would have been shots of the day were totally lost when the RF 100-400mm absolutely could not lock focus on a near, fairly contrasty critter friend. It did it repeatedly. It’s done this on the R5 as well. It missed focus with eye AF a few times as well.

Additionally, AF accuracy and general performance are off with anything shot inside a meter, diminishing the close-focus feature of the lens. As such, I retract my musing yesterday about the lens having been designed with the R7 in mind.

None of the above diminishes my enthusiasm for what the lens can do. It’s good to know what its limitations are on this particular body, so I won’t expect more of it than it can deliver. For sure, it’ll step up my search for an EF 1.4X, especially since I now know that the EF 200mm + 2X combo needs to be stopped to f/8 for CA control.

Ok. Stalemate today. Tomorrow’s a new day . . .

R7/RF 100-400mm