Turn down the volume!

Well, not that kind of volume. Noise, I mean. No, not that kind of noise.

Chroma noise. Luminance noise. Tons of it.

Out with the a6400/100-400mm GM and sometimes using the 1.4X this afternoon, two issues with the setup were apparent: inaccurate AF in moderate shadows and chroma noise even on shots as low as ISO 160. Neither shot below would have been usable without a run through Topaz.

The only thing I could guess about the latter is that spot metering has something to do with it. Past copies of the a6400 never put out anything like what I’m seeing, and that’s the main difference in how I’m shooting. It goes back to something I used to caution myself about: don’t take Sony gear “off the beaten path” in terms of trying to exploit the full extent of its capabilities. It’s designed to excel in mainstream shooting situations, not the ones that their non-photographer engineers couldn’t envision.

And once again it raises a lot of questions, starting with whether I want to subvert my original intent (keeping it relatively lightweight) by adding a FF body.

Back to the field, weather permitting, again tomorrow to see if matrix metering will work better. One thing for sure: it won’t be worse!

a6400/100-400mm GM
a6400/100-400mm GM