Tweaks . . .

It’s been enjoyable these past few days being out in the field capturing images rather than wrestling with gear—even if I did get rained on this morning.

Now what to do with the EF 100-400mm/TC? My previous copy made some great shots on Sony using the MC-11 a couple years back. But, for maybe a hundred grams of weight saved with Canon, with the downside of its older stablilization tech, and f/8 vs. f/6.3, I think the 200-600mm will be the better option every time.

Speaking of stabilization, a seasick finder has been a problem with past Sony setups. This time, with only OIS, no IBIS, even a ~900mm AOV shows up reasonably stable in the finder. Animal AF makes it a bit easier, too.

Much as I’ve fussed about keeping weight down in recent years, and subsequently failed at doing it, the 2.7 kg setup hasn’t seemed to slow me down as I lugged it close to thirty miles on foot in the last three days.

Maybe I’ve just been too satisfied to think about the weight . . . 😏

a6400/200-600mm G
a6400/200-600mm G