Twists and turns . . .

. . . one of which was discovering that the Sigma 150-600mm is at least as good as the EF 100-400mm+extender, maybe better, are sometimes unexpected. And now I’m seeing that the 600mm f/11 is only slightly inferior to the EF zoom+extender, and only when viewed at more than 200% magnification. The EF combo handles light better, but is no sharper on the R6’s undemanding sensor.

But at less than half the weight, about 10% more absolute reach, and giving up only a stop of light, it looks as though the 600mm will see a bit more duty. The Sigma, which is two-thirds of a stop brighter than the EF combo, handles better, has more absolute reach, is better at close-up shots, and weighs (deployed) only about 100g more than the EF zoom, extender, and adapter, is also likely to get a lot of use.

Out in sauna-like weather this morning, the EF zoom combo managed not to seem too short, but felt heavy over about four miles. A quick outing in the afternoon with the 600mm f/11 yielded a few nice BIF images, and was highlighted by my first sighting ever of a Black-Winged Kite. Yes, the R6 latched on at well over a hundred yards, but my shutter speed was a bit slow.

The S5 just arrived minutes ago and, weather permitting, will get its first outing with the Sigma tomorrow.

Holy cow, I’m almost back up to 3kg again . . . 😳

R6/RF 600mm f11 . . . White-Bellied Sea Eagle
R6/EF 100-400mm IS II/1.4X Extender III . . . Masked Lapwing