Up the hill . . .

. . . instead of down the slippery slope AGAIN is a struggle at the moment. But sometimes things happen as one needs them to.

Thinking AGAIN that more megapixels shot at f/4 might be the solution for the 280mm, a couple of options have been under consideration, the hope being that one of a couple of newer, untested bodies might work better than some of the older ones I tried in the past.

Working with the 280/1.4X combo earlier today with a different carriage option in decent light, I thought I might be making some progress in getting images closer to what I want from the 280. As mentioned numerous times before, decent light here in the ant farm generally means fewer critters to shoot. And the few I got were well-shaded.

A few minutes ago while perusing some utterly spectacular critter shots posted by a friend, I realized how lacking most of my images still are. Sure, lack of critter availability in good light here in the ant farm has a mitigating effect. But after resisting the urge to toss my birding gear out the window and give up the hobby, I realized that her setup comprised a modest amount of megapixels coupled with extra-long glass.

So, with noise still sapping some of my details, I’m looking for an even denser sensor with even more noise? That old definition of insanity, repeating the same idiotic behavior over and over and expecting different results, sure applies here.

Okay, so I’m not going to head out in the morning in search of longer glass, either. As I mentioned when I decided to revert to manual focus again, the quality of the result is in my hands. Maybe the solution starts with being a little less desperate to capture anything I see and a lot more selective about the conditions under which I press the shutter button.

SL2/180mm APO-Elmarit-R/APO 2X