Wanted: Birds . . .

With the Canon fire stamped out, at least for the moment, attention turns to Nikon. No, not the 500mm PF, which is a spectacular lens.

I knew when I chose the Z fc that it was not the generally-accepted best Nikon option for chasing critters. But it has Nikon’s latest image processor, it’s lightweight, and—of significant importance—it autofocuses with critical accuracy.

Noise? Yes, but nothing that Topaz can’t handle nicely. Birds in flight? Ummm, well…we won’t talk about that one. Any of the high-MP full-frame Z bodies would leave me with the same relative reach, just more pixels to crop or more storage to waste.

So I guess the birding gear is settled for the time being. Now . . . if only birds weren’t so “feast or famine” in these parts . . .

Z fc/500mm PF
Z fc/500mm PF